My favorite OSX Development Apps

Photo by James McKinven / Unsplash

Hidden Treasure Trove

I'll break this into 2 separate categores for simplicity (Free|Paid)


Clipy : This has made OSX so much simplier by changing my default paste behavior to command + shift + v and thats it, with a little light configuration of preferences, you'll have access to the last 100 of your latest copies. With the added benefit of being able to add in pre-fabs.

AntiSleep : Suitable for those whom run VPN, but w/o the headache of losing your connect, just activate display and system and you're good to go, but once you close your lid its good to go. (Sleep as usual)

Kite : A nice development assistant that activates on hot-key with a plethora of documentation on usage of whichever function you're currently in, built-in or otherwise. Works great out of the box! It also will look for IDE's you may have install and works great on Jetbrains Suite and even VIM!

Dash : This will be your new developmental book-case for reference material, it will ask which documentation you would like to download, all by category. This also comes with IDE integration.

Postman : Now, I used to be hardcore also with just typing out my own curls or quick requests scripts. However this takes organization of your API calls to a whole new level. With categorization, folders, templating and online sharing and collaboration if you'd like to do a Team setup.

Skitch : By Evernote, a light-weight screenshot and crop that helps the documentation process a little more tolerable.

QuickSilver : Simple launcher, easy and intelligent indexing. Nuff' Said!

JetBrains : Hands down the greatest IDE setup and suite, if you're willing to pay. Complete with stand-alone integrated services that add-on to the functionality of Github and CICD.

Divvy : A co-worker turned me on to this a while ago, it makes organizing you're windows with a simple hot-key easy and manageable, the biggest interruption to workflow with doing administration is having to reach for my mouse/touchpad, In this case, hot-keys are your friend.

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