Burnout and how not to avoid it!

Precautionary statement.

Before I begin, I'd like to remind my avid audience of 2, that each person is different and thus, have different work ethics and goals in life. This is not meant to distract anyone whom is satisfied with their work-life balance.

Instead this will be a tame article on what exactly to do about burn-out.

What causes it?

Lets review some of the potential use-cases.

  1. The reasons can vary from over-exhaustion on a single effort for a consistent amount of time (monotony).
  2. Lack of variation in daily duties (more monotony).
  3. Grueling time-lines with little room for self-improvement.

All of these items have some important key-factors or controversially, inadvertent effects.

How to stop it?

Although this isn't the topic of discussion and honestly I've not seen any reason to, work-stream burnout can be done with effective time-management, forcing yourself to have a delicate work-life balance and (and this is important), giving yourself obtainable, tangible goals that you can hit. This triggers that dopamine high that most folks can go home feeling good about their day. Break down your tasks into consumable portions.

The awaited argument!

It is a personal belief that humans are designed in a manner to overcome and adapt to obstacles; and while a continued full-steam ahead methodology can be dangerous at times.

Its best to understand that without this progression it becomes increasingly easy to start trending in a regressional mentality that leads towards a "slum".

So, what's wrong with a little experimentation? Try it, if you don't like it there's always the other option (given above).

Push past the pain of monotony and self-preservation state of mind and take that opportunity to look back, and see how far you've come, what you've accomplished and start to dig for those residual embers of interests that first lit that flame of enthusiasm for working on your project/mission/business in the first place.

Photo by Yaoqi LAI / Unsplash

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