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Proprietary software beware

Currently there are many untapped markets where open-source software can be a sufficient replacement for high-cost low innovated or cornered market space that is currently monopolizing business.

Such softwares run:

  • Public Libraries School
  • Administration Hospital Patient Database
  • Law Enforcement Network intercommunication

The Cause

There is a clear gap in the services that these softwares provide that someone has developed a solution for (Which is always a good thing).

The problem however is the lack of competitive space in that market lends itself towards higher proprietary mark-up and outrageous support and license fees.

All of this because the assumption has been made that businesses that depend on these softwares have fiscal backing in the shape of large organizations with an indispensable budget. The truth of the matter however is that costs are real, and the jobs and benefits that are created from redirection of those resources should be considered.

The simple reason that competition remains low on these things is because many software organizations remain intimated by the lack of understand of the fundamentals of a particular business model, HIPAA for medical, Homeland Security Compliance for law enforcement, and some without a governing requirement board such as Schools and Specialty markets.

Taking advantage of the little guy is still a problem in todays business market however intentionally taking advantage of a big guy isn't any better.

All that is being proposed is a centralization of resources that shine a spotlight into the option-lacking marketplaces so that these open-source alternatives can get more attention (and help) in contrast to the "professional grade enterprise edition" of things.

The Solution

Awareness needs to be had, then from that initiatives can be devised and directions be defined. To follow-up to this will be efforts of doing such for each one of these along with the necessary research into the heroes and villains in that market space.

Wherever there are heroes then recognition should be rewarded, wherever there are not, then the demand should meet the over-priced supply head-on and provide that market space with a sufficient alternative, even if bare-bones, the essence of the end-user and their initiatives are goal.

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